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I changed my layout. Do you like it? I do.

I forgot to mention some things in my last entry so I'll ellaborate.

On the way back we went to a maze. (Omigaw!) It was really cool. I felt like Harry Potter. Lol. I got lost, and I had to run after some little kids to find my way out along with my sister and family friend. It was thoroughly enjoying. And then I had chocolate mousse and a can of V. It was freaking hot, though.

Ugh, and I went to this juice bar thing, where they make juice with real fruit and everything and I got a Mango drink but it tasted like absolute crap! And it cost 5 dollars. I think they used expired shorbet. Can shorbet get expired? Hm. I'm hungry.

I was going to write something else. It was interesting, but I forgot. So it can't be that interesting can it? No, no it can't.

I bought a Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire colouring book today. I was trying to find a Spiderman one but Target didn't have any. =[. Bastards. I like it though. I coloured Fleur, Viktor, Ron and Hermione before and I'll do some later. There was a picture of Hermione and I was colouring it upside-down (don't ask me why) and I accidently coloured her teeth pink. Lol. It looks like she has the fattest lips ever.

Anywho, people to do, places to see.


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