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if heaven and hell both decide that they are satisfied, illuminate the 'no' on their vacancy signs

Well, hello there. =] I'm feeling excellent today. However, I did not feel excellent yesterday. My parents decided to go to the city for some ice-cream and to let Vicious [my dog] to get out into public for once. It didn't go so great seeing at it was about 43 degrees celcius and I was about to suffer heatstroke and die, right there, on the pavement. I was extra testy yesterday, because this stupid house doesn't have air-conditioning. Anyway, we went to my cousins house and I played on the soccer-table with my 4 year old cousin and... she won. And I didn't even let her! It was incredibly depressing. =]

On Thursday I went to the city with my bestest buddy Sike. It was ok. Wasn't to great at times. We felt really sick because we ate Whoppers from Hungry Jacks and they weren't too great. She took me to this awesome comic shop and it was cool. It had Spiderman and Family Guy everywhere, I was so excited. =] It was kinda boring so we went back ot her house and watched Napolean Dynamite. Then my parents picked me up and we went to my cousins house and I played video games. Yay for video games.

On Friday I was going to watch the Australian Open with my parents, my sister and our ex-next door neighbour, we lived next to her since I was 2-14 so she was practically family. Anyway we were going to watch the tennis but it was suspended due to rain so we were all hungry so we went to a restaurant and ate instead. T'was quite nice.

I start school on the 31st. Only 8 freaking days. I still haven't even got my new school unifom and books and everything. But I'll go this Saturday. I love shopping for stationary. I love getting new pens and books and everything. Lol. =]

On piece of advice before I go: If you are re-incarnated into an ant, DO NOT come to my house, because you will die. That is all.


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