OMG! i've killed harry potter!

forget. but not forgive.

Hello. =]

Happy New Year!

I got back yesterday from my holiday. I spent most of the time in the pool during the days and watching horror movies with my cousins. I hate family holidays. I don't hate my family, I just don't need to spend a week with them in a confined area, with no one to talk to to but my family. Ha.

New Years Eve was a complete bore. We went to the 'town' (if you could call it that) and watched a large clock for about an hour. It didn't even have a seconds hand. =]

I almost died a couple of times in the pool. I'd be on this floaty thing and accidently fall off, right into the deep end and laugh my head off, and cease to float until I could hold onto someone/something.

I also spent a lot of time on the trampoline. =]. Oh! And one night we all went into the pool at about one-ish a.m and it was soooo warm. Really Nice. And we watched Napolean Dynamite... twice.


P.S. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a great start to the New Year. Did anyone make any resolutions?

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OMG! i've killed harry potter!

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Well Howdy-doo!! It's Christmas is 19 mintues. OK! TERRIFIC!!

My whole family was just at my house for Christmas Eve dinner. They're such a lively bunch. I opened one of my gifts early: Napolean Dynamite - and we all sat and watched it. They enjoyed it immensely and now I'm the hero of the fam.... not really. My father bought my cousin an acoustic guitar and he was rather excited. OH! I went shopping today... AGAIN (three days in a row!) and I bought bathers. They're zebra print bikinis with pink straps. Quite cute. Did you know that cute means 'ugly, but interesting'? I found that quite extraordinary when my sister's boyfriend told me. Does that mean that all the times someone has called me cute (not many to memory.. but still) they actually mean I'm ugly but interesting?...smashing. I did enjoy today though. We went to the park and magpies swooped at us and there was a scary pit bull but nevertheless it was quite eventful. Um.. anyway, back to my original story... I went shopping today and when I got home there were two sacks filled with lollies, chocolate and assorted Spiderman merchandise, that weren't there when I had left. I later found out that my parents had kept them hidden in thier cars which I thought was incredibly adorable. I think my parents just want Christmas to be a surprise for once. Every Christmas since I could remember my parents would simply ask what we wanted and that was that. I love them so much, they're so... cute? Lol, um... adorable would be the best word to use, I think. =]

I'm debating with myself whether or not to send a text message to one of my lesser-known cousins as he recently told me he converted to Bhudism. Do Bhudists celebrate Christmas? In that episode of The Simpsons, Lisa does. But y'know... how reliable is the Simpsons when it comes to religion? I think I'll stick to telling him in person to have a Merry Christmas.

A minute till Christmas.

Anywho, on the 27th I'm going away with my family, so if I don't update on Boxing Day, I'm just telling you now.



P.S. I found this really adorable site dedicated to Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson and even though my sole purpose in life is to marry and reproduce with Daniel, I kinda want them to have a hundred and twelve little babies.

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OMG! i've killed harry potter!

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It's only the third day of holidays and I think I'm dying of terminal boredem. Yesterday wasn't so bad. I went shopping with my sister and 3 of her friends. I felt like an awkward lanky kid, though. But it was ok. My sister bought me my Christmas present. It's so funny because she lets me pick out what I want but then wraps the gift and won't let me have it until Christmas morning. I feel guilty because I can't buy her anything because I'm broke. She bought me 3 DVDs: Napolean Dynamite, A Nightmare Before X-mas and Season 1 of Happy Tree Friends.

Ok, I have to pee, I'll be right back.

Ok, I'm back.

I've decided that I will not talk about this year of school, because whatever happened is the past. I'm starting a new era. Next year is going to be extremely different than this year. I'm starting at a new school, new friends, new house and a new area. Lol, I just saw the cutest icon ever.

I think I'm going shopping again today. My mother likes to leave Christmas shopping to the last possible minute. OHHHH!! I bought the cutest bag ever yesterday!! Just thought I should mention it, since it's so frickitty-frick-adorable! It's all colourful and rainbow-ed and blue and it has badges on it. I love it.



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OMG! i've killed harry potter!


I've decided that I'll have twin boys and I'll called them Percy and Hamish. And yes... I know that it doesn't work that way, but I'm having twins damnit!

I finished school yesterday... finally. And I'm moving schools next year which is an added bonus. Except the uniform is red and red really isn't my forte. My old schools uniform was a horrible shade of green... so I suppose anything is better than that. Come to think of it, everything at my old school was green - the classrooms, the uniform, the buildings, the bench chairs, our lockers... practically everything.

I think I'll adopt a Spanish baby.

- Nicole.

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OMG! i've killed harry potter!

for you i'd bleed myself dry

Hello. =] Well, this is my first entry. Isn't it grand? Anywho, the name's 'friendly neighbourhood nic0le™' aka Nicole. I am 15 as of the 6th of December. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I go to the suckest sucky school of sucks. But I'm moving, praise the lord. I haven't quite decided whether to make my journal friends only or not, but I suppose it doesn't matter because I have no friends. I really should go find some. I had a journal a while ago, but it kinda sucked so I stopped writing in it. But I'm starting again, because I enjoy it.


I bid you farewell. *tips hat*



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