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6 December
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h e l l o ;
this is the journal of nicole the magnificent... ok, not really, but i am pretty rad. if you want to add me go right ahead; i only have one rule: we have to have some common interests. that is all. goodbye..

n i c o l e ;

that's me. i'm nicole, 15 years young and i reside in melbourne, australia.

j ' a d o r e ;

cake, tv, ipod, reading, walking, dogs, crackers, to kill a mockingbird, shopping, grey, pale pink, pyjamas, vicious: my dog, lions, the oc, lost, spiderman, cartoons, rain, music, possibly you, but i can't be too sure.

j e d e t e s t e ;
liars, people who fish for complements, flies, when my computer crashes *sob*, racist/prejudice people, war [can't we just all get along?]

o b s e s s i o n s ;

; harry potter. [R/Hr & DM/HP and Dan/Emma fo' evah betta recognize ♥]

; daniel radcliffe

; robert pattinson

; emma watson

; lost

; veronica mars

; futurerama

; family guy [stewie is the shiz]

; oprah

; keanu reeves

; tom felton

; william moseley

; draco malfoy

s l y t h e r i n p r i d e ;
i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

{ wear }

r a n d o m ;

Made by octagonal.

Made by octagonal.

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